Umon Tachibana  

1955   Born in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
1974   Attendend Meiji University majoring Technology

          and studied mechanical engineering and mechanical
1978   Graduarted from Meiji University.
1980   Called on Ukon Tachibana and joined the school of
          Yose Moji Since then I have learned and practiced it.
1993   Accepted as an honorable member of
          the Tachibana School and was given the name
"Umon Tachibana"
          ( the last follower of Ukon Tachibana )
2007-Jul  Appointed by Government of Japan( Agency for Cultura Affairs )
       as Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange
2008-Feb Received the Special Merit Award for International Exchange from the
       Itabashi Foundation for Cultural Exchange

2008-Mar Stayed for 1 year in London, UK as Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange
       to intorduce YOSE MOJI all over the UK and also Germany and Hangary. 

    I write Yose Moji  in  a part of signs at Shinjuku Suehiro Rakugo Theater and also billposters,
    programs, and tellers’ name signs for many  Rakugo events. Besides, I demonstrate Yose
on the stage  of Rakugo events and also teach them at educational centers.
    I am a member of “
Nousatsumutsumi“ which is a traditional exchange club of  Senshafuda
     ( detail below ) started in the Edo era. Through these activities, my understanding of
    Edo Moji has been deepened and widened.